Business Removals Chelsea

Moving a business is a huge undertaking, and one that needs careful planning and preparation. Any time spent packed up and on the move is time you are not working – and we know time is money. When it comes to business removals Chelsea Removals are the team to call. We have the experience, the tools and the skills to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

From small enterprises to big corporations, we take on contracts of all sizes. Your business could cut the cost of moving by choosing our company, and we provide a range of extra services that ensure the move goes to plan. Call Chelsea Removals today for details. We are available on a flexible basis to suit your schedule, with extremely competitive rates on all services.

Business removals Chelsea

If you company is expanding or taking on a new premises, you need to get your equipment and goods safely to the new location. Trying to manage this yourself can be a real headache – and you have a business to focus on running. Why not call in a professional business moves team, who know exactly what to do and can get the task done quickly?

  • Quick, efficient service

The faster your move happens, the sooner you can get back up and running. This reduces the hit to profits caused by lost productivity and missed sales opportunities. Speed is one of our primary focuses when we carry out your move. We aim to have you packed up, on the road and set back up within the same day wherever possible. With a number of trucks and team members at our disposal, we can take multiple loads at the same time.

  • Strategic planning and organisation

We determine a strategy that works best for your company when planning business removals Chelsea. We can move you in phases or all at once, and we can take or leave equipment and goods in an order that allows you to keep functioning as long as possible during the move. Our careful planning and management ensures nothing gets lost or missed. If you have any concerns or questions during the move process, you can liaise with your dedicated project manager at any time.

  • Secure and safe removals service

Your business is of utmost importance to you and you want to know it is in safe hands. Moving is a vulnerable time for a company and it carries extra risk. You will be pleased to hear that Chelsea Removals is a fully insured company. Our comprehensive liability policy and Goods in Transit cover protects all items when we care handling them and when they are on the move. Our satisfaction guarantee is another reassurance for you.

  • Local and long distance services

Our business removals service is based in Chelsea, and we can travel to surrounding areas of London and Surrey. We travel across the country and even on to the continent, moving your items to their new home safely. If you have any questions about our coverage area or if you would like a free quote, complete our online form or call Chelsea Removals today.

Looking for our office removals service? This specialist move package focuses on the modern office workplace and utilises fast packing and loading processes to get the move done quickly. Get in touch for more information on this and our other removals.

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