Furniture Assembly Service

Moving to a new home? You might be wondering just how all that furniture will fit through your door and into the van! And when you arrive, how will you get everything back together again? One of the more tricky aspects of home removals is furniture dismantling. Don’t worry though – you don’t have to do it yourself! Chelsea Removals offers a furniture assembly service and can take any item apart safely too.

Almost any item can be taken down and put back up by our skilled handyman. We provide the tools and we keep a few spare screws and bolts on hand as well – just in case! Save yourself the time, effort and risk by letting our professionals take care of the task. Grab a free quotation now with our convenient online form.

Furniture assembly service in Chelsea


Bought some new furniture from the store or off the internet? Many items now come in flat pack form – and putting them up can be an absolute nightmare. Why not let an expert take care of the task? We have a furniture assembly specialist on the Chelsea Removals team, who can take apart and put up just about any item. This includes:

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressers
  • Bookshelves
  • Tables

These are just examples – we can tackle just about anything. Why risk harm to yourself, or put yourself through all that stress? We have years of experience and all the right tools. Call Chelsea Removals and arrange a visit from our team today.

Removals and transportation

Our furniture assembly and dismantling service is ideal when you are moving home or getting rid of unwanted items. Furniture can be transported more safely and more easier when it has been taken apart. We will reassemble everything at the new location, and make sure it is safe and secure.

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