How do we ensure safe and secure removals every time?

When it comes to moving your treasured possessions or your valuable business equipment, you want to know that you’ve picked the right removals team. Chelsea Removals guarantees a safe and secure removals process every time.

Moving is a worrying time, especially when you have delicate or important items to transport. Placing their safety in the hands of strangers requires trust. After many years in the removals business, Chelsea Removals has developed a superb reputation for delivering successful, affordable and efficient moves. Put your faith in us and let us support you through your upcoming move. Get a free quote for moves of any size now – simply complete our simple, quick online form and we will get back to you.

Safe and secure removals

There are several ways in which we guarantee safety during your move. Firstly, we can provide all the packing materials you will need. These are of the highest quality and designed especially for the purpose of moving goods. They are tough and offer plenty of protection – preventing damage to your belongings.

We also make sure that everything is carefully wrapped and stored appropriately during the packing process. Great care is taken to look after all of your items and to ensure they get through the journey in best condition.

Once everything is packed, we use specially trained moving staff to lift and load everything into our vans and trucks. The vehicles we use are chosen for stability and reliability, and we take care to load everything securely – using straps and restraints where appropriate.

Keeping you safe at moving time

Moving can be dangerous when you attempt the task yourself. Improper lifting procedures can cause injury, as can attempts to take apart furniture or move awkward items yourself. We are not only trained in removals, but we also have the right tools and equipment for every task. We are also covered by full insurance, just in case anything does go wrong. This covers you for damages, accidents and more.

During the journey, our Goods in Transit insurance kicks in. This covers you for damages in the event of an accident or loss – another layer of protection and reassurance for you.

If you have any questions about our cover or our safety guarantee, you can call Chelsea Removals and speak to one of our removals specialists. We are here to help you make an informed decision, and hope to help you find the best removals service in Chelsea.

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