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Arranging a house move is stressful and, when it comes to packing, it can be hard to know where to start. Having the right packaging supplies can make a real difference.

Don’t try and make do with a random assortment of bags and boxes. Make the whole process easier by choosing the right materials for the job and packing in a logical order.

Chelsea Removals provides a wide range of high quality packing supplies for moves of any size. Whether you need a few boxes or a comprehensive range of containers and protective covers, we have everything. Not only that, but we will deliver whatever you need as soon as possible.

Of course, if you still feel overwhelmed by the packing process or don’t want the hassle, our professional packing service can help. Call now for details about our packaging supplies. We’ll soon have you boxed up and ready to go!



The staple of any home move, boxes are great for large and small items of all kinds. Cardboard boxes are usually sufficient for most moves. Our tough and robust cardboard boxes are built to cope with heavy loads. They can also be strengthened with strapping or tape as required. For heavy-duty equipment, plastic boxes might be more practical. They offer a little more durability for heavy loads.

Bubble wrap

Are you moving something delicate or fragile? Bubble wrap is perfect for packing up anything that is damageable during a move. Wrap items individually or place bubble wrap inside your boxes to keep your belongings safe and secure.


Additionally, the small roll of sticky tape is a mover’s best friend. It can be used to close up packed boxes and keep them fastened, preventing items from being lost. It can also be used to wrap full, heavy boxes and ensure they don’t split or come open. You can attach items for easier moving – for example, tape your remote controls to your electrical items.

Plastic strapping

Sometimes, the simple tape isn’t strong enough, and that’s where these handy rolls of plastic strapping come in. You can cut them to the right length and fasten them with a cut and press tool. That way, heavy boxes are properly secured, and valuable items have a tamper-proof seal.

Covers and sheets

Sometimes, moving large and bulky items can lead to damage. But, you can prevent this using covers for large pieces of furniture. Covers can also help when moving pianos, protecting the instrument while it gets relocated. You can get covers sized to fit bikes and motorbikes, and even for any cars that are being transported.


Once everything is packed up, how will you know where to find it again? Sticky labels can help you organise and manage all of your boxes and know what has gone inside each one. When you get to your new premises, you can quickly spot the most important items and make sure everything is placed in the right room.

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